What will you QUIT this year to succeed?

Today’s Teach Jim Show was inspired by Randy Burgoyne’s Presentation at Entrepreneur Launch Pad in Kaysville, Utah. (Notice when the Geeky Topic comes to light so do all the technologies. Go figure!)

Geek Speaks Technology Rolls

You can watch the presentation here if you like (it is long, nearly 2 hours) and for some reason the video was reversed while it was normal on our preview screen of the Google hang out. Enjoy.

On the The Teach Jim Show this week you’ll find a great discussion on why quitting is sometimes more important than what you do. Not doing the right stuff can server you and your cause very well.
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How Long Will It Take to Start Generating Leads?

There it is again. How long will it take me to get started generating leads? It is really a very intelligent question asked by nearly every business owner coming online. The answer is really simple. My answer is a clearly refined “It depends”.

I’m disappointed by the answer I’ve had to give because there really are so many variables. At the same time I feel a need to help my fellow entrepreneurs get a handle on what it will take to set up a long term, sustained, inexpensive, source of leads.

So we start the journey today to discover just what it takes. Let’s qualify this project in terms of the goal so we both have a firm grasp on what this project is and what it is not.
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Dr Bob and Rosemary Clarke’s Blog Lead Generation Investigation

Key Lead Generation Leverage Points in Practice

How are Dr. Bob and Rosemary Clarke using the key lead generation leverage points on their blog to generate leads, invite prospects to join them and position themselves as the best providers of Simple Solutions for Part Time Entrepreneurs?

Enjoy this site visit and INvestigation of Key Lead Generation Practices.

Fast Tube by Casper

Here is the simplified marketing funnel image from the video. Is your blog structured to invite action with irresistible offers like Bob and Rosemarys?

Lead Generating Simplified Market Funnel Map

Learn more about the lead generation systems used by Bob and Rosemary at The I Net IN Blog at http://inetin.com



Related articles discussing the 5 Key Lead Generation Leverage Points.

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How To Generate Leads, Success Leaves Clues!

Learn How To Generate Leads Effectively by Chasing the Clues!

Magnifying glass Investigation to Generate Leads

I love an good INvestigation! You and I get to piece together a ‘better’ reality from what we see, touch and feel. We are off into the field to see how the experts generate leads! This investigation is influenced by what you know and what others have told and taught you. Investigations can tell you the truth if you let your decisions be driven by what you’ll discover.

In the process, you and I may be surprised by the realities we uncover. Uncovering the truth may challenge the very foundations of our perceptions and cause us to question many of our core assumptions.
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Key Lead Generation Leverage Point Number 5: Training

Training To Meet Your Lead Generation Needs

Training provides the fuel for continual improvement of your lead generation program. Refining your lead generation skills is a never ending part of your lead generation program.

So, how do you get the greatest leverage for your learning? First, let’s look at the learning options. Then we can see what leverage can be gained from each type of learning.

The Two Paths to Lead Generation Learning

There really are only two paths to learning to generate leads. Formal and informal. Anymore learning a new material usually involves both types. Depending on your personal learning style learning experiences of one type or another might better meet you needs.
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Lead Generation Key Leverage Point Number 4: Tools, Tips and Tricks

The 3 Point Lead Generation Traveler’s Guide

Strategy gives you the direction to travel, tactics provides the paved path. Techniques are the vehicle your prospects will be riding. Tools, tips and tricks provide the experience along the way.

In just the right mix tools, tips and tricks provide the sweet snacks, lively conversation and keen points of interest on their journey. These satisfied travelers become ongoing leads for your business.

The tools you use and the tips and tricks you implement into your lead generation efforts will reward you greatly. It is in these seemingly small efforts and attention to detail that your prospect come to be convinced of your value proposition. Done right, applied appropriately, your conversion rate and level of satisfaction increase through these small details.
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The Top 4 Techniques of Effective Lead Generation Funnels

The Right Lead Generation Techniques Deliver Results

The techniques you use greatly impact your marketing funnel. The strategy points you in the right direction. Tactics clarify where the leads are coming from and what they experience as they go through your marketing funnel. The exact words they read, the images they experience and the messages they meet are determined by the techniques you implement. The top 4 techniques here give you the breakthrough advantage.

Keeping your message consistent so it communicates clearly. The techniques mentioned here are just the starting place for those to consider across your lead generation activities. This is one of the challenges of implementing multiple techniques across the your campaign tactics. These may fit in any number of locations in your lead generation activities.
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4 Essential Tactical Decisions for Your Lead Generation Strategy

Key Lead Generation Leverage Point: Essential Tactics

Tactics consist of the exact framework, structure and communication channels you will use to implement your strategy. The tactics you use will determine the experience your prospects, partners and customers have when working with you and your products and services.

The focused implementation of your strategy through the tactics you choose makes up your marketing campaign. A single strategy may use multiple tactics (campaigns) to succeed.

Your tactics communicate the core values of your business. They determine your unique stand in the marketplace.

4 Essential Elements in Lead Generation

The often overlooked key elements to consider as you make the tactical decisions of your strategy are
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The Single Most Important Key Leverage Point to Generating Leads: Strategy

What a Waste, Lost Leads!

Without a a clear strategy you will never establish an on going sustained source of quality leads for your business. Strategy gives you the tools you need to attract just the right prospects and convert those prospects into paying customers for your business

Strategy is the essential element for connecting with the right partners aligned with your prospects and customers. No strategy, no alignment. You are running around wasting your time and the time of those who are listening to you.

Beat the Competition with Lead Leadership

Strategies win wars, beat the competition and let you work with clarity and commitment. In the marketing aspects of your business you can approach the problem from a variety of standpoints. You need to find one that works for you.
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Look for Leads No More: The 5 Key Leverage Points to Net Leads

Enjoy this episode of The Teach Jim Show where I reveal the 5 Leverage Points for turning your lead generation efforts around.


Visit the Teach Jim Show at Teach JIM.com

Here is a blank mind map of the topic. It can help you capture the important information as it is being shared in the radio show.
Lead Generation 5 Key Points
You will be able to download the complete mindmap in a few days.

Look for Leads No More: Focus on the 5 Key Leverage Points to Net the Leads You Need

There are 5 key leverage points to focus on to bring people into your business. Whether you are looking for more prospects, compatible partners, or paying customers you must face the essential element of every business endeavor. You need leads!

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Online Home Business I Net IN… R U IN?

I’m in an online business, are you? Are you in online business? Off line? Then you have asked yourself these questions. How do you get more customers? What do I do to involve more people who need my services?

Essentially you are facing the core question of any online business owner. How do I involve people in an online business transactions that will benefit them and let me net a profit.

I Net In exists to help you gain the customers you seek. It is about getting people in to your online business. You are IN the game. You are asking others Are You IN?
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Are Leads the Life of Your Online Home Business?

Maybe you have heard “Leads are the life of your business” It is a lie. Leads are not your business! Leads are only the hope of additional business. Leads are nothing unless they are converted into customers. Customers are the life of your business! Without leads you will not have very many “new” customers. Leads lead to customers. Customers are the life of your business. So I ask, and so might you… Are leads the life of your online home business?

You’ll likely answer Yes, No or Maybe So… The answer greatly impacts the way you conduct your business. Let’s see how:
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Marketing Systems Make the Difference for Online Home Businesses?

Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy great online results and others don’t?
Most online home business owners do not know how to build the type of marketing system which generates leads and helps people decide to purchase.

Your ability to generate traffic and leads is that difference.

There is a huge difference between a professional, an amateur and a new marketer online. The professional engages you at an emotional level and leads you along towards a buying decision. An amateur does a fairly good job of this also. Most new people online are just hoping to find success. They just do not know what’s needed to pull off a successful marketing effort.
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New Campaigns by My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro is so much more than a technical infrastructure and marketing platform. They provide fundamental educational services for Internet Marketers, Network Marketers and online business owners. Their education efforts are now leveraged into 17 new lead capture pages. (See Them In Action)

Beginner users of My Lead System Pro (MLSP) now have a nice advantage. As they get started with MLSP they can start generating leads immediately with the introduction of 17 new capture pages. They’re very simple to use and require very little technical set up. Users can start using them to generate leads within a few minutes.
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Lead Generation System Review Criteria Update

As each product is comparied to others in the market place there is a temptation of the reviewer and others to begin to compare produces against products. When the product is used as a judgement standard it becomes a moving target. The preferred way to conduct reviews is against an established standard.

In the first investigaiton of lead generation systems I used a set of criteria created as part of the syntopical reading process. It developed as the authors of the various sustems explained why their systems were so much better than their competetor. The list of 10 critieria became the standard all systems were evaluated against.
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My Lead Systems Pro (MLSP) Rolls Out Simplified Start Up

My Lead System Pro (also known as MLM Lead System Pro or MLSP for short) rolled out their new, streamlined, quick start system for new system users.

This simplified start places a layer of direct capture pages into the user’s hands before they have to do any heavy lifting. The previous set up steps and marketing strategies are still in place. There is now a layer of simplified steps before the user needs to do some major work.

My Lead System Pro

The new MLSP System Campaigns are set for new users. No longer is there an autoresponder to set up! Users just select from one of four new campaign pages.
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Home Business Lead Generation System INvestigation Reopens

Hi, Teach Jim here… I teach and I learn …

A little over a year ago…

I published the final results of an InterNET INvestigation of home business lead generation systems. Since then a lot has changed with the systems investigated. A lot has changed in what I know about lead generation systems as well. It is time to open the investigation again. This time, however there is NO WAY I can be unbiased. That said, I am reopening the InterNet INvestigation of home business lead generation systems

Let me explain.

Sure, I’ve been a member of these systems for the last year. And YES I have had some success with some of the systems. And YES I’ve had regular life to live. And YES I did not make any effort to push any one system. I did a few tactics along the way. I never did want to drag somebody into a system they did not need. So I went pretty light on my promotional activities.
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Business Lead Generation Capture Pages Must Deliver Value

Mike Klingler of Marketing Merge and Marketing Funnel Mastery covers the topic extremely well in this elevator “teach”. Here he teaches Internet Marketers Rich and Natasha (LeadWhisperer.com) to add value in the process beyond the lead capture page or even the opt-in landing page. (I just happened to be there and capture it on video!)

Mike Klingler says “Give them something of value there”. By always adding value through out the lead generation system you help them to respect and trust you. By adding value if they do not buy now they will likely buy later.

Enjoy this video of Mike Klingler’s Elevator Teach.
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The BEST Decision is a Home Business Lead Generation System!

Putting a lead generation system to work your home business is The BEST Decision you can make! You greatly improve your chances of succeeding in online business. You get the right mix of training and technology to set you on the path you need to succeed online.

Exact training, additional income streams, support and a fully functional system in place for you to put to work immediately. You get the right mix of Technology Tools and tested proven content to propel you into the correct actions and improved likelihood of success.

You do not need to concern yourself with assembling the moving parts and the correct content and connecting them all together. It is done for you!
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How to INvolve Prospects, Partners and Paying Customers IN your business!

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